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Technology is a Physician's best friend—it's available and ready to perform around the clock.

Our focus is on assisting clinicians and research professionals with our easy-to-use web platform that analyzes raw primary medical data at the point of diagnosis or evaluation. Our flagship cloud-based service is CliniscanSM. This product enables the clinician and researcher to work in the cloud with a wide range of biomedical modalities.

Benefits of our technology approach include:

  • A visual aid to Physicians.
  • Ability to pinpoint with accuracy the area of concern.
  • Reduce false positive and false negative rate.
  • Reduce the time for an analysis.
  • No need to duplicate procedures.
  • Analysis performed over the cloud.
  • Reduce overall healthcare cost.
  • Improve outcomes.
  • Algorithms provide on demand processing 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Algorithms can process large and complex data sets.

Road Map

  1. March 2011

    Picofemto founded

  2. October 2014

    FDA Submission For CliniscanSM EEG Decision Support

  3. Q2 2015

    FDA Submission for CliniscanSM MR Neuro Decision Support

  4. Q3 2015

    FDA Submission for CliniscanSM MR Prostate Decision Support

  5. Q3 2015

    CliniscanSM EEG Decision Support Product Launch

  6. Q4 2015

    CliniscanSM MR Neuro Decision Support Product Launch

  7. Q1 2016

    FDA Submission for CliniscanSM CT/Lung Decision Support

  8. Q2 2016

    CliniscanSM Prostate Support Product Launch

  9. Q4 2016

    CliniscanSM CT/Lung Prostate Support Product Launch

  10. Q1 2017

    CliniscanSM Genome Product Launch

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